The Intersection of Your Spiritual & Physical Energy

Energy comprises 95% of the Universe and matter only 5%. We live in a universe of spiritual and physical energy by virtue of which all living entities exist through their ability to transmute universal energy into their physical beings. Spiritual energy (known as ki, qi, prana, and “universal life force”) is no less real than any other energy, such as electricity, but is vastly more important. Humans are energy transformers - alive and developing in proportion to how much of this universal energy we accept and how freely it flows. One’s personal energy convergence point is a center of reception and radiation concurrently. Your energy field is constantly interacting with energy around you. 

As we move through each moment, we are interacting with a wide range of energies and they are co-mingling with ours. The energy of places we live, work and socialize will affect our well-being. In the same way that physical elements cling to our bodies, energy from our experiences clings to our energy field and impacts how we feel. Have you ever been in a room full of happy, excited people and felt your energy elevated? You are connecting with high vibrational energy that concurrently raises your energetic vibration. Conversely, if you are in a place where people are arguing, angry, or volatile, you may begin to pick that up. Every time you interact with others, there are exchanges of energy, which we bring home with us.

Your Personal Sacred Space

Your home is your temple – a sacred source of strength and recharging. This is where you are most receptive and sensitive. You and your environments are vulnerable to the energy of everything and everyone in and around them, and accumulate energy from your surroundings. This includes energy and moods of those occupying a space as well as others passing through. If a space is subjected to positive influences, it will tend to hold that charge and therefore energetically assist those living or working within. Negative influences will have an opposite effect. The cumulative impact of you and others on your sacred space can cause it to become congested with thick negative energy, damaging your energy field (aura).

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner one. Taking care of your outer space will have a profound impact on your inner space.
— Michael Nicklin

We affect energies around us as much or more than they affect us. We change subtle energies  within and around us with every thought, action, and emotion.  Energetically, everything happening emotionally and physically in a space is astrally imprinted in its walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, and other objects and are held like dust, shifting the vibration downward, affecting all inhabitants, and perpetuating the tendency for negative experiences. Repetitive patterns of behavior and action are deeply imprinted, and events accompanied by strong emotions (fears, frustrations, anger, grief, depression, stress, sadness, worry) are the most strongly imprinted.

The Ancient Art of Space Clearing

Space clearing is the ancient art of clearing, balancing, and revitalizing energies for atmospheric realignment of physical spaces such as residences and commercial businesses, designed to change the qualitative content of an environment. The process releases and transmutes stagnant energies, allowing us to replace them with supportive, positive energies, often a liberating and deeply transformative experience for all inhabitants. The proliferation of techniques from many traditions and native cultures has allowed modern practitioners to create new combinations for specific situations that may not have existed in the past. Its value lies in its ability to regenerate and revitalize environments for increased mental and physical productivity. Energetic harmony in the contained physical space ensures healthy circulation of energy in order to increase vitality and health, improve attitude, stimulate creativity and productivity, improve relationships and gain clarity and insight to reach your highest aspirations. 

Michael and his team of practitioners are consummate professionals, bringing extensive knowledge, expertise, and intuition to apply energetic ritual in pragmatic and life-affirming ways, making the experience nothing short of magical. A house clearing includes investigation of a space for emotional imprinting, predecessor energy, etheric patterns, ghosts or spiritual entities. We employ a variety of practices determined by the type of disturbance or energetic obstacles presented. 

When to Take Action

A clearing is recommended whenever a significant event has transpired in the life of a space’s occupants. Fortunate events require clearing, as the energy of exultation can, and often does, destabilize the balance of an environment. Clearings should also be performed whenever something new is about to transpire. Clearings can be performed to prepare a space for habitation; to revitalize the energies of a space exhausted by use, stress, or suffering; to shift energies of a space for a new or different purpose, to dispel malaise, unwanted spirits, other detrimental forces or energetic weights.

If you are selling a home, space clearing before staging and rejuvenation afterward will create a warm, welcoming feeling for prospective buyers. If you plan to purchase a home that has been lived in by others before you, especially recently, you may be affected by their “inherited” predecessor energy. Often homes that are on the market have been through tremendous turmoil, and this negative energy can linger in the home and can be cleared away before you move in.  

Emotional imprints in a building are most commonly felt in its energy, and through changes in our feelings as we pass between rooms.  Negatively charged items in the home may also generate discomfort in a room, or in some cases throughout a house, as a direct result of strongly 'held' low vibration energies. 

Energies in our homes are mirrors, constantly reflecting back to us the energies we emit. The more intense the imbalances in our lives, the more intense the energy imbalances will be in our spaces.
— Michael Nicklin

Customers bring with them all sorts of energies, intentions and thoughts when entering places of business. Employee disputes may leave toxic emotional imprints that leave behind 'energetic' residue that could negatively impact your business and patrons. Regular clearings of energy are ideal for any businesses with an influx of human traffic, making for a much more productive, harmonious environment.

Ghosts, spirits and supernatural energies may attach to homes, lands, or other structures. When one or more earthbound spirits attach to the energy field of a structure, the influence of their thoughts, feelings, addictions, strong habit patterns, even physical feelings may be felt by, and negatively affect people living or working in the structure. Space clearing alone will not remove spirits you invite or give permission to stay, even if this invitation or permission is subconscious. Working with ghosts or other activity may warrant space clearing combined with other procedures such as soul retrievals.

The Clearing, Balancing & Rejuvenating Process

Our space clearing, balancing, and rejuvenation process will take place in two parts. The first visit by Michael Nicklin will be to engage in dialogue regarding intention, process, and expected outcomes. We work to help you focus your intentions on whatever it is that you desire to accomplish. We believe that in a space clearing, it is vital that client and practitioner are equal partners to determine the desired energetic quality of the space to ensure success. During this visit, Michael will do a sensing circuit of  the energetic “profile” of the the space to assess the energy as it is in the moment and acknowledging what comes up, open and aware of any intuitive insights that may arise. Following this visit, we ask that you thoroughly clean, organize, and ventilate the space as directed. Clutter often carries energy of the past. Clear space lets the energy flow. 

During the second session, the clearing, balancing, and rejuvenation will take place. This is a deeply cathartic and rewarding experience in which you can participate fully, partly or abstain from the process as you wish, and it is designed to suit each individual’s beliefs and culture. Michael, possibly with additional practitioners as dictated by need, will begin by reaffirming the intention. He and his team will call upon any personal deities or allies to assist in the process of connecting directly to the space and its energy, history, and idiosyncrasies. Because deities and other spiritual entities exist at various vibrational levels, the selection of entities used must fall in line with the purposes to which the space is to be used. 

We will then create a personalized altar for you, prepared to honor your space by representing the Cosmos, including the four elements that comprise our world - Earth, Water, Fire, and Air,  as an offering to the space as a gesture of thanks for the work it will co-perform as well as for its acceptance to the clearing process. This sets the stage for the clearing itself.

The cleansing will begin with a ritual process in which the practitioners invoke the powers of the Cosmos to aid in creating the most auspicious environment envisioned for the space. We will then begin to dislodge any stale energies in rooms and spaces. This is traditionally done with sound, as well as botanical aromatics. Gestures meant to vibrationally evoke movement will then take place, including mantras, mudras, chants, and physical movement. These purify and program the space for increased harmony, to promote health and domestic well-being. It is an intimate dialogue, powerful and transformative.  

The final stage is to balance and rejuvenate the entire tone and energy of the structure and its spaces. We will begin with stabilizing the energy with Reiki, followed by other techniques and music throughout, including crystal singing bowls, gongs, Tibetan tinghsha bells, crystals, and more. This will leave your home feeling clean, balanced and full of fresh new energy. This beautiful music disperses all negativity in its wake and raises the energy of the house. Beautiful flower offerings will be placed in each room.  Before we depart, we will present you with an action plan so you can more easily move forward with the insights gained from the space clearing and the maintenance of its new glowing energy.

It is best to do a full space clearing ceremony at least once a year. You may wish to schedule one as soon as possible if you have a major life change such as starting or ending a relationship or going through a challenging time. If you have a busy life, an active in-home social life, or regularly rotating houseguests, such as AirBnB, then quarterly maintenance space clearing may be advisable.