Michael Nicklin

In his childhood years, KiConscious™ founder Michael Nicklin never questioned those experiences that many might perceive otherworldly, or label ‘weird.’ This ‘phenomena’ was simply another fact of life; a natural dimension to his world.  Whether being engaged as a toddler by spiritual entities cohabitating his home in Santa Barbara, California, or as a teen communicating with a visiting ancient presence by way of his ‘clair’ senses; through his formative years into adulthood, these were natural to him. Skepticism, especially at this time in America’s cultural evolution, was an art form. At the time the term “Indigo Child” (developed in the 1970s to describe children possessing special, unusual, and/or supernatural traits or abilities) did not exist, yet as Nicklin matured he was identified as such by several metaphysicians.
He took his lofty understanding of metaphysical phenomena and began further exploring and developing his intuitive senses, attending his first yoga course in college in the 70s. What has become a nearly $30 billion industry with more than 20 million practitioners, was as he puts it, “revolutionary at that time for a mainstream institution of higher learning to consider a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline as physical education.” This was the beginning of what was deemed the “New Age” movement, which seemed tailor-made to his quest. In his early 20s, while studying business administration at university, Nicklin ventured on to expand his knowledge of spiritual philosophies as well as cultivating his psychic skills including intuition, telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, channeling, and holistic pain management.
Only soon after entering his professional career working for and alongside other business professionals, Nicklin rapidly discovered the inherent challenges, pitfalls even, of embodying and integrating spirituality into one’s daily professional life. He became increasingly intrigued by the fundamental disconnect between individuals’ personal spiritual beliefs and professional codes of conduct. He worked diligently to compartmentalize his intrinsic paranormal gifts, making sure never to use or apply any language in business reflecting these beliefs, nor speaking publicly about this integration.  
He credits this ‘Separation of Church and State’ with igniting his entrepreneurial desire, resulting in the launch of his first commercial venture at age 24, signaling a lifetime of serial entrepreneurship. After modeling and acting in college, Nicklin was presented with the opportunity in his mid-20s to assume a veritable position as managing partner at the same talent agency that represented him and became a SAG-AFTRA franchised agent, representing 150 actors and models for film, TV, industrials and print. After a decade of driving his agency to a state of unprecedented growth under his expert leadership, he opened an additional successful talent agency in Beverly Hills.
He then became a well-recognized, highly sought after on-air TV personality serving as a consumer trends and products news contributor. Having passionately studied social anthropology in university, this combination of mass media and human behavior leveraged two of his strongest skillsets. He appeared on countless network news programs, and both network and syndicated national morning shows for over a decade. During this, he was also interviewed live on more than 300 news programs, and produced more than 100 live events, produced and directed an on-air location lifestyle television talk show, and segment produced for several lifestyle shows on which he also appeared. In these high-visibility roles, his strategic navigation of consumer- and corporate-friendly language and the solid partition between his spiritual and public lives still seemed imperative and at times, taxing.
Concurrent to his broadcast work and entrepreneurial ventures, Nicklin served as a contract strategist in the dot-com heyday of the 90s for a multinational corporate incubator. He founded a boutique consulting firm with the mission of bridging the vast chasm between organizational performance and unrealized business potential for clients in the retail, shopping center and hospitality industries, where he provided strategic consulting and performance-based training programs to more than 300 business owners, and high-profile corporate brands including Marriott, Universal Studios, Bally, Four Seasons, Westfield, Macy’s, and other industry leaders. As a motivational speaker and workshop facilitator, Nicklin presented to thousands worldwide. Still, the mention of mindfulness practices in the boardroom or workplace was met with blank stares and thoroughly concealed disdain.
After decades of compartmentalizing his spiritual nature and intuitive gifts and a business focus on improving the profitability of his clients’ businesses without mindful regard for the impact on its human resources – the antithesis of what is now called, “conscious capitalism” -- he reached a tipping point, began practicing participatory philanthropy by contributing his business skills to not-for-profit organizations, and became committed to practicing and promoting mindfulness in leadership, entrepreneurship, investment, and interpersonal relationships.
With the launch of his new brand KiConscious™, he is at last merging his 30-plus years of entrepreneurial and start-up experience with his innate spiritual gifts and modalities to create a consultative system for personal transformation that shares his long-held principles and impressive techniques with those who want to live a more fulfilled, conscious, and integrated life. As he states, “The entirety of the human experience includes spirituality, and seamless integration is now easier to achieve.”
Nicklin is an ICRT-certified Reiki Master, the highest certification in the field, and integrates this and other modalities into the system, including Crystal Energy Therapy, Tarot interpretation, energetic space clearing, and more, in order to help his clients unearth and clear energetic obstacles holding them back, and forging the path to a greater consciousness in their own lives.