About Our Name and Logo


KiConscious ™ is a word created from the combination of Ki + Conscious.

“Ki,” which is synonymous with “qi” and “chi,” is the philosophical understanding of metaphysical “life force energy” sustaining all living beings. As an ICRT certified Reiki Master, KiConscious founder Michael Nicklin sought to honor the ancient Japanese healing technique of Reiki by adopting the Ki to be represented in the KiConscious name. Reiki, a combination of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" while Ki is "life force energy."  

Vital to spiritual practice is the attainment of a “conscious” state of mind and being. Consciousness is the discovery that true happiness comes from within oneself. Living consciously is all about making more thoughtful and deliberate decisions, without being affected by our subconscious mind, hardened personal habits, and/or societal expectations or norms. Living life consciously also means that we have set ourselves free from negative influences that prohibit us from making deliberate choices on our life’s journey.

These deliberate choices are also reflected in our own company’s external branding. For instance, the vibrant violet hue used in our KiConscious logo is the highest color in the light spectrum and reflects the crown chakra, and symbolizes illumination and spiritual mastery. It is a blend of red (matter) and blue (spirit) and is associated with the themes of transformation, the spiritual or higher self, wisdom, intuitive awareness, passion and dignity. Located above the head, this seventh chakra links individual and universal. The body's primary coordination center, the crown chakra ensures a connection to universal sources of energy and with the world as a whole. A balanced crown chakra allows for expanded awareness on a deeply emotional level.

The Ki symbol on the left is a highly stylized graphic interpretation of the Kanji. Japanese calligraphy is formative utilizing characters and letters once originating in China and subsequently introduced into Japan. The character itself is a representation of steam (or breath) rising from rice. Steam was seen as visual evidence of the release of "life energy" when this concept was first developed.

The KiConscious™ logo was designed by Michael Nicklin in collaboration with the talented graphic designers of GoBrandMe in Manchester, UK.