Quiet your mind. Open your heart. Discover wonder.

KiConscious™ Experiential Retreats are curated by its founder Michael Nicklin with a mission of transformation for those individuals and groups seeking a more balanced and fulfilled life. Each retreat will explore finding clarity and inner strength in today’s culture of relentless change and pressure. Our group retreats, anchored by the KiConscious system, offer an opportunity to experience greater depths of connection ensconced with sacredness of nature to inspire mindful engagement, consciousness, and clarified intention.

Looking for respite from the burdens of today’s fast paced life? Want to recover a sense of personal presence, well-being, and direction, and reconnect with your most inner voice, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment? Our intention is to offer a catalytic environment for spiritual awakening to nurture growth and enlightenment for those on the path to higher awareness. We can also partner with you to design personalized individual, partner, family or small-group retreats that create unforgettable transformational experiences.

Expand Your Inner Aperture

TRavaasa resort, hana, maui

TRavaasa resort, hana, maui

Our mindful retreats will help launch you into the next phase of your life through experiences designed and curated to ignite and supercharge your ability to align with your authentic self to shift conscious awareness. Our tools will help you step away from outdated, unproductive, and undesirable thought patterns, concurrently presenting fresh ways of seeing and experiencing your world, unleashing latent capacities and creating gateways to new possibilities. You will return home feeling elevated personal power, reenergized sense of purpose, and with life- changing tools to transform your energy so that you are a vibrational match to things you wish to manifest.

The effectiveness of our retreats are based upon the fundamental law of the Universe that all true and lasting change takes place as a result of a shift in consciousness. The immersive KiConscious retreat experience nurtures active participation through mindful educational and activity-based programs to create meaning through direct experiences, steeped in creativity with those so inspired and imaginative, you may very well find yourself reinventing your life in subtle -- or not so subtle -- ways.

Enlightenment Need Not Be Punishing

When you combine wisdom and mastery of our practitioners with the incredible energies of our meticulously selected indigenous geographic destinations -- free from distractions and responsibilities of day-to-day life – you will experience deep transformation. Tap into infinite power of your mind in inspiring places where you can be fully present with all senses open, ready to transform your energy.

We will handle all of the logistics of your retreat experience from accommodations to itinerary, and healthy organic meals. Freed from accumulations of stress and strain, you will settle into a powerful state of awareness enabling you to tap into an inner reservoir of creativity, energy and intelligence. The environments and experiences curated for you are designed to help you step outside of immediate and insistent demands of social, domestic and professional responsibilities that besiege our daily lives, allowing you to find solace in inspiration.

Once you've experienced this higher consciousness, learning to re–connect with your conscious self, you can return to your world with a fresh perspective and clear plan for creating your dream life. Our retreat is not an escape from reality but a dynamic engagement with conscious reality.

Transformational programs. Inspiring destinations.

The best environment for personal transformation is one that is inspiring, peaceful, visually and energetically evocative, and enveloped in nature. Michael has visited more than 70 countries, scouring the globe and discovering some of the most inspiring and transformative destinations and experiences with a deep sense of serenity and palpable spiritual energy.

Travaasa Resort, Hana, Maui

Travaasa Resort, Hana, Maui

From lush green jungles to breathtaking ocean sunsets, your destination will be filled with wondrous beauty and awe-inspiring sights and sounds. Physical activity in the natural environment confers a multitude of benefits on spiritual and emotional clarity and development, and research has proven benefits including aid in increased life-span, greater well-being, fewer symptoms of depression, and more. All activities are designed to emphasize and enhance an intimate connection with nature and a separation from the modern world. Of course, all activities are environmentally respectful of the host area’s culture.

Get lost to find yourself as you explore winding forestal paths during a moving meditation; take a dip in a lake, pond or ocean and discover its spiritual metaphors; and laugh unabashedly while playing your percussive instrument in a drum circle. Find your perfect state of Zen as you practice yoga, sway gently in a hammock, or simply breathe fresh air in an entirely new way. Treat your taste buds to delicious fresh-cooked meals with clean ingredients sustainably grown and locally sourced, ripened as nature intended and picked when their nutritional value is highest.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
— Anonymous

Two of our favorite retreat destinations are Travaasa Hana, an experiential resort in Hana (and the birthplace of KiConscious Retreats), Maui, and the Dominican Republic Treehouse Village, an eco-lodge project in the heart of the Samaná Peninsula in the Dominican Republic. Each offers a unique collection of experiences in its own unique environment, and the agenda will always be curated for the chosen destination.

Outer Action. Inner Meaning.

Dominican Treehouse Village, Dominican Republic

Dominican Treehouse Village, Dominican Republic

There are many things that will help you physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally recharge. Centering and quieting the mind allows you to be more conscious and mindful in order to be present for moments rather than thinking about times when things were different. Every aspect of the foundational KiConscious system is integrated into your daily activities. Experiential learning involves active participation, engagement, and immersion, whereby you will create meaning through direct experience. We will curate a combination of activities that fulfill these goals. Workshops, presentations, static and moving meditations, games, group performance, and private one-to-one experiences with our practitioners all contribute to an overwhelmingly impactful experiential learning process.

Upon arrival, we will walk you through the steps of your journey, and help you create powerful intentions that will set the tone for a deeply transformative experience. Each day will include multiple activities designed to energize your creativity, clarity of mind, interpersonal communication skills, and your connection to higher consciousness. Activities will be planned in an order that allows you to increase receptivity, and begin mindfully connecting your subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds to receive inspiration and guidance. The retreat will consist of a mixture of informative and collaborative dialogue, workshop activities, demonstrations, and guided and personal meditation, interspersed with a variety of cultural inputs, including readings and live music. All activities are designed for those with a fierce desire to experience and learn rather than passively watch.

Communication in a dialogically inspiring space from fully-engaged participants encourages shifting perspectives, greater understanding, and opens new possibilities.
— Michael Nicklin

Ample personal time will be provided each day for mindful reflection and relaxation. Silence and stillness enables you to step away from the bustle of ‘doing’ and re–familiarize yourself with ‘being.’ Periods of rest between activities are an integral contributor to the overall success of the program, as many of the activities can mimic rest but do not offer a reprise from the learning process. Scientists have established that resting the mind helps strengthen memories of events and retention of information, as well as can help boost future learning, as research conducted by The University of Texas at Austin has shown.

Extraordinary Moments Stimulate Change

One daily activity during your retreat will be Walking Meditation. Free from being caught up in the mental world - thinking of the past or future, planning, and imagining - you will find yourself in the moment, which will help you relax, clear your mind, connect with your superconscious, and ultimately create and manifest. As you explore nature in small groups, your practitioner guide will point out both sights and the sounds that surround and envelop you, and use them as catalysts for discussion.

Your relationship with sound will be explored during daily sound immersion experiences, where you will be bathed in sonic vibrations and the meditative sounds of gongs, crystal singing bowls, windwands, chimes, and other instruments. The experience is deeply relaxing and balancing. Occasional improvised concerts may also combine sound healing with other modalities such as breathwork, crystal healing, alchemy, and energy work – all designed to give participants more individualized experiences. Our group will also co-create one or more practitioner-led drum circles to experience the spontaneous creation of music on a variety of locally sourced drums and percussion instruments.

You will learn about the energetic properties of crystals and co-create a crystal manifestation grid -- a tool to help visualize and manifest what you desire for yourself, others and the world. Once you've created this energy vortex it can then be used for purposes such as protection and manifestation, or to support healing of a person or situation, a desired goal, and much more. Whatever your intention, the gemstone grid adds a turbo charge towards achieving your desired results due to powerful energy and integrative programmatic nature of crystals to focus on specific goals.

You will engage in private sessions and group discussions with a “super-intuitive” and tarot interpreter. Harnessing the power of these valuable tools and skills to access and connect with spiritual information from higher Realms of consciousness, you will be given practical insights to assist you in intentional manifestation, goal setting, and imperative energetic shifts.

Individual private activities with retreat practitioners will include therapeutic massage, Reiki energy work, and other one-to-one practitioner-lead modalities. These mind and body practices include a large and diverse group of procedures or techniques administered by trained practitioners. Additional practices may include yoga, guided resting meditations, tai chi, qi gong, movement therapies, reflexology, breath work, chakra balancing, and more.

Spirituality is a round table. No one can sit at the head of it.

Enlightenment is about having your physical, emotional and spiritual selves in perfect harmony. We will assemble a credentialed, highly respected team of practitioners—all dedicated to helping you discover, heal, expand, revitalize and find your way on your path to centering and connecting to energy and potential within your desired transformation.

Our practitioners and thought leaders have all been personally selected by Michael to serve as energetic catalysts to help you heal and transform your life. Michael has extensive experience with each practitioner, understanding their strengths and integrating them into all programs. They are advanced spiritual guides, healing facilitators, super-intuitives (psychics), mind-body energy workers, shamans, and other modality experts there to support you in creating a more vibrant and fulfilling life. These spiritual alchemists often work via several modalities and combinations focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual. Practitioners are extensively experienced, licensed (if applicable), bound by a high code of ethics, and committed to respect your privacy.